Harry Fisch has been a photographer for more years than he cares to remember. He has photographically documented more than 40 countries through which he has travelled.  Winner of the 2012 World National Geographic Photo Contest (places), and later disqualified, his  work has deserved several awards:   Two Jury Awards in  2014 at the Grand Prix de la Découverte,  finalist in the Sony 2012 World Photo Awards and selected in 2010 by Photoespaña—possibly the most prestigious Spanish photographic event—in the section “Discoveries”. His  work has also been published, among other publications,  in “La lettre de la Photographie”, which was nominated best Blog of 2011 by the prestigious magazine LIFE.

A leader of  photo tours to exotic destinations with his company Nomad Photo Expeditions . After years of travelling, he has come to the conclusion that technique and vision are indispensable tools, but that empathy, curiosity, pleasure through personal relationships are the determinants which enable photography to transmit so much more than a post card.  As part of his personal work, Harry  is currently developing  a photographic project, "Les Miserables",  related to  the work in the bricks factories of Nepal and  the spiritual activity at  the churches in  North Ethiopia

If you want to share with Harry on his next photo tour, discover hidden locations,  people of different cultures and, most of all, enjoy the challenge of improving your photographic skills, visit www.nomadphotoexpeditions.com